John Peterson

I'm a teacher of writing. I've been here at Stanford for 15 years. I love to tell stories and help others tell theirs. I focus on how writing becomes part of our culture, and how it changes culture. I believe in the power of expressing human experience, from a pop song about a broken heart to a scientific study about how little we really know about the influence of diet on the health of a human heart. In teaching academic writing, which means guiding students with their research, I've learned that ideas almost always are energized by the lived experience of the writer. When writers tell stories about themselves and their communities, they have a lot to contribute. Their stories connect with ideas in circulation by other writers, other creatives, and academics. It's not easy to tell your story, but the process is precious and powerful.

Brand new course, Curating Reality: How Media Shape What We Know
Artists on the Future:
Lynda Benglish, Artist
w/ Kimberly Drew, Writer, Curator, & Activist


Digital Civil Society Conference
Students might arrange attendance to this Stanford event

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